Yurishia Farandole Anime.png
Yurishia Farandole
 Romaji ユリシア・ファランドール
 Alias World Strongest
 Birthday 8th August (Leo)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 17 (Teens)

18 (volume 14)

 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Blue
 Height 168cm
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Ataraxia
 Previous Affiliation 「MASTERS」
 Occupation Student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Unnamed mother
 Magic Heart Hybrid Gear
 Weapon Particle Cannons
 Equipment Kuros
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Chinatsu Akasaki

Yurishia Farandole (ユリシア・ファランドール Yurishia Farandōru) is one of the main protagonists of the Masō Gakuen HxH series. She is the ace of America, being the former captain of the the West U.S.A. H.H.G. Team, 「MASTERS」, before transferring to Ataraxia and becoming a member of Amaterasu.


Yurishia is a beautiful young woman with the typical features of Caucasian descent, having blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She looks more mature compared to her age. Kizuna described her as glamorous and perfect.

Her Heart Hybrid Gear looks like a protector with beautiful material. The sleek surface reflects the surrounding light and gold lines of light is running inside it. It has a small surface area which makes one feel uneasy whether it could really accomplish its role as a protector.

There are also weapons integrated on the back and around the waist. The two large units stretching out from the back, the Differential Frames (Offensive Mobile Particle Engine) divides the energy they produce for propulsive power and the particle cannon. The units have a mobile style where Yurishia can move them freely using her will, leaving no blind spot for her.

Yurishia is usually seen wearing the Ataraxia school uniform. Outside of school, she either wears stylish causal dresses or revealing, form-fitting clothes such as tank tops and hotpants. Later, after returning to their world, Yurishia started wearing a blue leather collar around her neck to show everyone that she's Kizuna's sex slave. Yurishia later received a heart shape tattoo from Kizuna on her abdomen that says "Kizuna's Love Slave".


Yurishia has a clumsy and somewhat big-sister like personality. Everyone in Ataraxia respects and adores her like a princess. she is very confident in her abilities, appearance and is not afraid to take on a lot of opponents all alone. At first, she is quite cold yet towards Kizuna like most of the girls but later after he saved her from an enemy by risking his own life, she started to develop feelings for him and starts to open up to him little by little. Unlike other girls, Yurishia didn't hide her feelings and desire for Kizuna.

The Princess: admired for her beauty, strength and intelligence

Like every ordinary girl, she likes to go on dates as seen when she went with Kizuna to shops and restaurants. She is very free-spirited and carefree when not fighting. She also blushes when Kizuna compliments her. She is very self-confident and holds her position as Ace in very high regard so she will do anything to live up to her status as one of the strongest students in Ataraxia. Yurishia also has a unique way of speaking by dragging out the end of her words.

Yurishia has suffered from mother issues since she was a child. She always had more interest in being a superhero than a princess, but her mother wanted her to be a proper lady that was envied by everyone. However, her parents divorced and her mother made a new family. This caused Yurishia to feel her mother had abandoned her. This made it easier for Osiris brainwashing to control her, as Osiris treated her as her daughter and would do the stuff she likes with her.

Yurishia is also very wise and understanding, as she understands how important it is they remove their cores for their sake and for the next generations. As well, she is often the first to remind the others why they need to do Heart Hybrid and is the most willing to try new ideas for the sake of improving it, such as the Love Room and Connective Hybrid. She's also the most open about doing Hybrid with Kizuna and doesn't mind sharing him with other women, but she doesn't like knowing he's doing things with them that he hasn't done with her yet, making her feel more offended.




Ataraxia Arc

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Aldea Arc

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Master Arc

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Operation Recapturing Tokyo Arc

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Vatlantis Arc

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Hokuto Arc

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Necroplis Arc

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Odin Arc

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Thanatos Arc

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Following all the Entrances around the world closer, the countries of Lemuria (Earth) began rebuilding. However, many countries also used the opportunity to expand their own power by invading surrounding countries. Ataraxia becomes especially a major target for everyone, leading to Ataraxia to become an independent country with Reiri as its leader. Over the months, Amaterasu and Master would deal with any attacks made against Ataraxia. At some point, Yurishia started doing Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna and has already done several times.

Present time, a country lunched 24 ICBMs missiles towards Ataraxia. Kizuna and Yurishia are sent out to destroy them and under Yurishia suggestion, they do Ecstasy Hybrid in the Space Love Room.

Scarlet tells Kizuna it time as he and Yurishia change into their pilot suits, heading out into space to intersect the ICBMs missiles aiming at Ataraxia. Yurishia takes the lead as she uses Hell Fire to completely evaporated the missiles. Believing that the reason why Yurishia wanted to do Ecstasy Hybrid was to deal with the attack without increasing the debris, Kizuna compliment's her for thinking about her juniors, which wasn't actually true. While Yurishia lies that that was what she was thinking, Scarlet cuts in and points out it just an excuse to do Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna. Yurishia argues against Scarlet's accusation and decides to return back with Kizuna.

After returning to Ataraxia, Hayuru comes to pick up Yurishia and Kizuna in an electric car. However, Kizuna had already left by the time Hayuru gets to Nayuta Lab. While driving, Hayuru tries to lecture Yurishia on how she didn't need to do Ecstasy Hybrid early, only for the latter to point out she also did it during the attack on a nuclear facility the week before. Through deeply embarrassed, Hayuru doesn't deny that she did it. Yurishia points that their doing Ecstasy Hybrid is not only for missions but also for the sake of safety ejecting their core's so they can be passed onto the next generation, as Nayuta isn't around with them anymore. While fully understanding what Yurishia is saying, Hayuru still feels conflicted about making children with Kizuna since he and Aine are officially together, but can't let go her own feelings for him even Aine said she is fine with it.

Unfazed by this, Yurishia points out that they don't need to feel bound by the laws of the old world since Ataraxia is currently an independent country and has been thinking about making polygamy legal. They soon arrived at the dormitory to see Aine welcoming them. After talking about their respected missions went, Hayuru brings up how Yurishia wanted to make polygamy legal. Aine is completely fine with this, as she calls it the composure of the legal wife (referring to herself), through Yurishia points out that the first to get pregnant with Kizunas' child will be in the lead. Hearing this, Aine brings how the commander, Reiri Hida, might have the biggest advantage over them, having heard a rumor that she been abusing her authority to summon Kizuna whenever he has free time. The three then become determent to find out from Kizuna whether or not this is true.

Aine, Hayuru and Yurishia fighting over Kizuna.

After finally finishing and being exhausted from doing Ecstasy Hybrid with his older sister for hours, Kizuna returns to the dormitory to find Aine, Hayuru, and Yurishia wanting for him in their pajamas. The three women begin to question him about what he was doing until so late at night, becoming more intense after he tells them he was with his sister. They begin demanding for more details about what the two were doing since they heard he was favoring the commander more than them. Before they can, Sylvia energetically comes through the door after returning from London. After telling Kizuna how her parents are safe, she asks what everyone is doing. Yurishia tells the young girl they're going to be having an eros party with Kizuna until morning. Understanding this, Sylvia declares that she will also participate as she wants to show her parents the face of their grandchild. Not expecting this development, Yurishia try's to stop her but fail as Sylvia is a determent to start now since it will likely take 5 to 10 years on average before she is pregnant. This situation quickly grows worse as the girls all start arguing over who goes first until they decide to settle things with a fight using their Heart Hybrid Gears, much to Kizuna annoyance as prepares to stop them.

Setsuna Arc

Powers & Abilities

Abilities and Skills

  • Master Combatant: Hailing herself as the world's strongest in Lemuria, Yurishia is an incredibly skilled fighter in both long-range and close melee combat.
  • Master Marksmanship: Yurishia is able to shoot multiple targets at once with great precision regardless of distance. Rightly she's is called a long-range specialist. She can easily snipe targets over vast distances away, to the point where the target wouldn't be able to see her normally. Her accuracy is such that she rarely has a need to aim regardless of whether or not she has equipped her gear.
  • Keen Intellect: Yurishia is far more intelligent and understanding than most people realize. She is often the first to catch on to what Kizuna is planning and will act in the best manner to help. She is also very persuasive, as she can convince Kizuna and even the commander that she (and the others) should do Climax Hybrid for a mission under the excuse of being prepared. She has always had the top marks in school.
  • Immense Stamina: Yurishia has proven to be very resilient to damage and fatigue and quick to recover both physically and mentally. Noticeably, she can do S&M and Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna, and recover fast enough to fight without any signs of pain or exhaustion from being "punished". She also very rarely lost consciousness after Heart Hybrid.
  • Enhanced Speed: In spite of her voluptuous body and seemingly plump parts, Yurishia is fittest from her teammates from Amaterasu, with her speed surpass even Aine´s.

Heart Hybrid Gear

⚠ To discern the "first" version from the reinstalled one, they are respectively named « HxH - Gear » and « HxH - Magical Armor » ⚠

HxH - Gear « Cross »

Cross's Corruption Armament, Crosshead.

Yurishia has excellent long-range attacks and overwhelming offensive powers. Her weapons can move on her will. They also have extremely destructive capabilities, almost higher than any other Heart Hybrid Gear.

  • Particle Cannons : Yurishia uses Particle Cannons as her main weapon of choice, she can also easily control them with her mind.
  • Diffential Frame: A Stronger version of the particle cannons, Yurishia can use them both as a weapon or as powerful thrusters to increase her speed.
    • Hell Fire: Yurishia uses Cross's full bombardment and carries an all-out fire focusing on one point. This ability is able to destroy an A-class Brigand without much effort.
  • Immense Speed: Yurishia is known to be one of the fastest students in Ataraxia, along with Hayuru. 
  • Corruption Armament «Crosshead»: Crosshead is the only close-range weapon of her HHG, having a range of only one meter, but its power is overwhelming able to destroy even Aldia´s Labyrinth Cube 

HxH - Magical Armor « Cross »

The appearance of Cross, like with the other reinstallations, also changed. Cross's overall appearance now has an "Aerodynamic" shape, matching its new speed. The differential frame also became larger and changed its shape. After doing Harem Hybrid, Cross returned to its previous size as Yurishia´s magical power has grown enough to match the core's power-up.

  • Enhanced Physique: The power of both thrusters and differential frame greatly improved, allowing her to move with "terrifying speed".
  • Enhanced Vision: Cross enhances Yurishia's vision capabilities vastly, allowing her to snipe targets beyond even other long range HHG abilities.
  • Differential Frame: The differential frame's power has increased immensely, raising both her firepower and speed to a whole new level.
    • Enhanced Hell Fire: Yurishia's full bombardment has increased in power. After doing Harem Hybrid, it increased to the point where she can take out several of Thanatos mechanical angels at once. After doing Ecstasy Hybrid, it became powerful enough to instantly evaporate 24 ICBMs without leaving any debris afterwards.
  • Corruption Armament « Crosshead »: Crosshead's power reached another level, allowing her to break through the source of a machine god's power.


  • Her measurements prior to doing Ecstasy Hybrid are B105-W62-H98.
  • Yurishia has killed more than 300 Brigand's already.
  • Yurishia hails from America.
  • Yurishia is Kizuna's sex/love slave and calls Kizuna 'Master' when they are alone.
  • She is the first girl that fell for Kizuna
  • Along with Scarlet, she was the first who did Connective Hybrid with him.
    • Furthermore, they are the first to do Hybrid completely naked and see Kizuna completely naked as well.
  • Yurishia is the only member of Amaterasu who was once part of a different Heart Hybrid Gear team, even being its captain.
  • Yurishia is noted to be considerably rich, as she order a high-class inn for her and rest of Amaterasu.
  • Based on Osiris reasoning, Yurishia strongly resembles her daughter Isis.
  • In volume 13, she lost her virginity to Kizuna at some point after returning to Ataraxia.
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