Hida Reiri Anime.png
Hida Reiri
 Kanji 飛弾 怜悧
 Alias Demon
 Nickname Re-ri (by Shikina Kei)
 Birthday 15th January (Capricorn)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 24 (Adult)
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Dark Blue
 Height 165cm
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Ataraxia
 Occupation Principal and commander of Ataraxia

Leader of Ataraxia

• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Hida Nayuta (Mother)
Hida Kizuna (Lover/Younger Brother)

Hida Setsuna (Adopted Younger Sister)
Unborn child with Hida Kizuna
Kizuna (Niece)
Kizuna (Nephew)

 Magic Heart Hybrid Gear (former)
 Weapon Sword and Shield (former)
 Equipment Zecros (former)
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Kinugawa, Rika

Hida Reiri (飛弾 怜悧) is the principal and commander of Ataraxia. She becomes the leader of Ataraxia after it became an independent country. She is the daughter of Hida Nayuta, as well as the older sister and semi-secret lover of Hida Kizuna and adopted older sister Hida Setsuna. Carrying the heavy responsibility of protecting her world from the threats brought by the AU Conflict , Reiri was the one who started the Heart Hybrid program by having all of their Heart Hybrid Gear pilots do Climax Hybrid with her younger brother Kizuna, which meant doing lewd and sexual acts with him. Despite the questionable morals and strangeness of her methods, Reiri's decisions have always been for the best and greatly contributed to many of Ataraxias' victories throughout the series.


Reiri has pale skin and looks very similar to Kizuna in terms of appearance. She has long black hair and dark blue colored eyes. She can be described as a female version of Kizuna. She is usually seen wearing a white uniform with a white coat over shoulders akin of cape, a tight blue knee-length skirt and blue high heels. She is very beautiful and athletic with a voluptuous figure. She greatly resembles her mother, though her mother's hair is darker and straighter.

Teenage Reiri taking off her high school uniform

She has been described to have a perfect, sexy body and an amazingly high sex appeal that other women don't have, something that is visible through her uniform. Other women like Landred and Kei and even her own younger brother have found Reiri to be overwhelmingly attractive and sexy. Even when she was in high school, she already had an adult body. Although her expression was softer back then and her bust was slightly smaller, they were still large for her age regardless.

Since she started doing Ecstasy Hybrid, her body has grown even more erotic, voluptuous and well-endowned to the point where even a simple gesture from her is very sexy, according to Kizuna and Kei,

When Reiri wore Zecros, it's appearance is slim and minimized to the limit, making it looked like she was wearing metal underwear that was barely there. Her breast are mostly laid bare with her nipple barely hidden. The skin from her cleavage until her navel and abdomen are boldly exposed, and her lower body looks like she was only wearing a garter belt and small-sized pant, the front fabric barely covers her crotch and behind her butt is exposed. Her HHG also has an angel and princess theme to theme to it, which is based on the old TV shows that Reiri used to watch as a child.


Reiri flirting with her younger brother

Reiri is generally a flexible adult who can swiftly change modes depending on the situation, ranging from a playful older sister to a strict strong leader. She can be very dramatic when explaining certain subjects at times. In spite of her attitude to others, Reiri has a caring and loving side for her brother, however, due to her high ranking job, she couldn't spend much time with him before. When they were little, they used to live alone until she left Kizuna because of her job. However, even to this day, she cares about him a lot. When Kizuna came back from Atlantis in an exhausted state, she embraced him without any shame of the people around them. She is also seen in depression and tears of suffering when Kizuna intentionally exposes himself in danger as fighting against two Quartum members with critical low Hybrid Count. The strongest explain of Reiri's love for her younger brother was shown after finding out that Thanatos killed him. She was so overwhelmed with grief and rage, that she didn't care if killing the machine god would mean the end of all worlds. Proving that Kizuna means everything to her.

Reiri has a very serious side to her as commander of Ataraxia, which has caused her to be felt as somewhat distant by Kizuna, though on rare occasions she lets her guard down and is shown to care for him as much as she ever has. Because of her responsibility as a commander, Reiri is often forced to make painful decisions in order to protect the people of Earth. But, much like her brother, being strong-willed and responsible, she is willing to do whatever it takes to protect everyone. Even if this means making her students use the life-draining Ros-series Heart Hybrid Gear, having them perform Climax Hybrid with her younger brother, helping them perform Hybrid better or even doing Climax Hybrid with Kizuna herself. It's because of this strong resolve and decisiveness that Reiri is greatly respected by many as a great leader despite her young age. Along with regretting having to make her students fight with their lives on the line, Reiri always felt guilty that she couldn't fight as well, believing she didn't have any aptitude for Heart Hybrid Core. When her mother presented her a powerful Ros-series Core, Reiri didn't hesitate to accept it even though she knew was it basically a death sentence.

Reiri showing her resolve to save the world by striping herself and watching her younger brother do Climax Hybrid up close

While usually display great self-control, Reiri can lose her temper fairly easy if she's insulted. Often, the main source of her anger is usually because of her mother. More than once she wanted to kill her after Nayuta mocks Reiri's intelligence or when she (Nayuta) done or doing something horrible. Even just being in the same room with her mother is enough for Reiri to lash out against her. As well, even though she's the one who ordered Kizuna and the other girls to do Heart Hybrid, she does understand how embarrassing and shameful it feels when she had to do it herself the first time. However, in her case, it can be considered more immoral as she and Kizuna are blood-related siblings. Nevertheless, she would shallow her shame and do them like everyone else. After seeing how revealing and girlish her Heart Hybrid Gear was, Reiri was deeply embarrassed by it, especially when others commented on it. Like everyone else, she also eventually come to taste doing Hybrid with Kizuna and would become more active in doing them with him, even using her position as the commander to do it whenever she wanted.

Due to Kizuna being her only family and on top of her indispensable younger brother, Reiri has a strong brother complex towards him and is very possessive of him, which has only grown to perverted levels since she first did Climax Hybrid with Kizuna. When Zelshione brought this up, Reiri didn't deny it but rather stated that a little brother is the possession of the older sister since the day they were born. It's become such a well-known trait about her that most people have called her a brocon, something even Reiri accepted about herself. Although Reiri makes her little brother do Heart Hybrid with other women because of her responsibility as the commander of Ataraxia, she admits she doesn't really want to let the other girls have him. There have been times where Reiri had tried to stop other women (such as Landred and her mother) from doing sexual acts with Kizuna, showing she only allows Heart Hybrid because of it necessary. The girls of Amaterasu are often suspicious of Reiri, although rightly, and complain about how she's been using her position to monopolize Kizuna for herself as of lately.

Reiri expressing her opinion on dealing with government work

Despite being a responsible and capable leader, Reiri hates dealing with government work and politics, finding them very annoying. When dealing with other country leaders, Reiri is highly confident in the power that Ataraxia has, so much that she has no problem stating that they will remove the nuclear weapons of whichever country attacks them and even mocking them to send their Heart Hybrid Gear pilots against them so they could take the cores from the pilot's dead bodies. Her ruthless, uncompromising and mocking attitude has to lead her to be called a demon, something she agreed she is because she's Hida Nayuta's daughter. Nevertheless, she would still prefer spending time with her younger brother than dealing with politics, even trying to do Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna while having a conference with other world leaders. When it became too hard to hold her voice back, she chose to end the conference early over having Kizuna stop, further displaying her disregard for what they think of her.



Seven years ago she used to live with Kizuna alone in the Tokyo float until she left him to work at Ataraxia.


Ataraxia Arc

Aldea Arc

Master Arc

Operation Recapturing Tokyo

Vatlantis Arc

While heading towards London, Kei reported to Reiri and Kizuna that they detected two Vatlantis ship that are heading there way and will sandwiched them no matter how what they do. The three try to think how they can deal with them with them with the limited methods they have available to them. The best option they can think of is to defeat them one at a time. Unfortunately, Kizuna has no one he can do Climax Hybrid with, Eros default spec are too weak, and he lack any weapons. Even through Gertrude tries to say she can fight, she's still too damaged to even stand. Gertrude then tries to suggest Kizuna do Climax Hybrid with her, but he deny's it because of her pained expression.

Gertrude still tries to insist on fighting, but Kizuna just casually confiscated her pistol-style particle cannon from her hand. This suddenly surprise Gertrude and Kei, as the weapons of a Heart Hybrid Gear can't be taken or used by anyone else. Although Kizuna now has a weapon, Reiri points out his Hybrid Count is currently 10%, meaning he wouldn't last long if he went out to fight. Even he understands this, Kizuna still wants to fight, which Reiri refuses to let him as he the last hope they have and doesn't want to lose her younger brother, crying as she blocks Kizuna from going. Seeing his older sister cry in front of him for the first time, Kizuna realize she couldn't bare to lose him and started yielding. This end up causing Kizuna to collapses onto Reiri and their bodies entangled with each other. In the process, signs of Heart Hybrid lights started appearing from the twos' eyes and body, surprising everyone that Reiri has aptitude for Heart Hybrid Core.

Reiri getting embarrassed, after she realised that she has to do Climax Hybrid with Kizuna

While being helped up by Kizuna, Reiri is in disbelief because her mother said she didn't have an aptitude for Heart Hybrid Core when she was a child, which was the reason why she became commander. Remember that the Core Nayuta was going to install was Eros, Reiri, Kizuna and Kei started wondering if Eros is a male-exclusive Core. Not being able to understand Eros, Kei moves the topic to Reiri having Core aptitude, meaning she can do Climax Hybrid with Kizuna to recover his Hybrid Count. While Kizuna is happy that now he has a way to fight, Reiri becomes nervous since it also means she has to do perverted things with her younger brother. Kizuna suddenly realize this as well and starts feeling conflicted about it because while he always admired her, he feels it impossible to do it with his older sister. However, they both find themselves imagining it and getting excited by though.

Reiri tries to argue against the idea of her doing Climax Hybrid with Kizuna, but Kei points out they would need to find someone else with Core aptitude and they don't have the time since Clayda and Elma will arrive in around hour. Accepting she doesn't having any better choices, Reiri order Ataraxia to stop where its currently at and tells Kizuna to wait in the experiment room where he installed a Core into Sylvia. She explains that she developed a system in case in ever became possible for him to recover his Hybrid Count with her. This confuses Kei on why she did that but Reiri silence her by throwing her pen at her head before she can fully ask. Reiri then told a frighten Kizuna to get going.

After making Kizuna wait ten minutes in the experiment room, Kei makes him wear a head mount display. Reiri then lies to Kizuna that they manage to another candidate who volunteered to do Climax Hybrid with Kizuna because she wanted to be useful. In reality, the woman is still Reiri but she's hiding her identity out of embarrassment. Reiri enters the room in a white gown, telling KIzuna they should do their best and asks him to removes his clothes. Reiri followed suit, but Kizuna head mount display a censor, as she still feels very embarrassed to be seen. Understanding that it's won't help, Reiri turns off the censor.

Finally getting started, Reiri embraced Kizuna and brought him over to the bed. However, neither of them knew what to do as it was Kizuna first time not know who his partner was. Understanding this and to help speed things up, Reiri took the lead by pleasuring Kizuna before reaching Climax Hybrid on the bed. After Kizuna defeat both Clayda and Elma, Reiri catches her younger brother before he fell from exhaustion. Happy that he a live, Reiri hugs Kizuna tightly as he say's he wants to expresses his thanks to woman who did Climax Hybrid with him. While Kizuna notes his Hybrid Count is low again, Reiri tearfully tell him it can be replenished again.

A few days later, Kizuna does Climax Hybrid with a fully recovered Gertrude. Reiri and Kei are looking over the result from the two at Nayuta Lab. After Kei explains the result, Reiri wonders what the result would be if she had a Ros-series Core installed in her due to finding out about her Core aptitude and the compatibility with Kizuna, shocking Kei. While she brushes it off as a joke, Reiri can't help but wish they had more cores so she could fight. Kizuna and Gertrude enter the lab to ask about the result from the experiment, with Kizuna glad they can make their next move. While Gertrude is understandably worried about what they can do, Kizuna confidently tells her they ain't looking for a fight, surprising Gertrude at the change around Kizuna. Reiri begins explaining to the two pilots that the next mission will be a scouting mission, as they need more information about their enemy. Kizuna understands this, but wonders how he will infiltrate a world where there are no men. Kei and Reiri reveal they though of method for that, thus Kizuna notice they look like they're having fun, which they deny. However, everyone in the room is still worried about the lack of combat power they currently have, especially if Aine has really become their enemy. Furthermore, the London area is full of powerless small type magic weapons, displaying Vatlantis lack of fear of them. However, Kizuna suggest using the experiment dummies as decoys so they could reach the Entrance without having to fight themselves. With the plan ready, Reiri and Kei reveal the method they prepared for Kizuna was to disguise him as a woman, which they delightfully took pictures of.

A few days following Kizuna and Gertrude entering the Entrance, they later returned to Ataraxia with a fleet of Izgard battleships, shocking Reiri with what he brought back this time. Reiri meets with Gravel and Adlea, reminding them of their previous encounters at Guam and Okinawa. Thus Kizuna tells her they (Gravel and Adlea) are here to join forces with them, Reiri makes it clear she doesn't trust them. However, Kizuna starts explaining how Atlantis is on the brink of danger and they need to work together with Izgard, something Kei believes they should hear more of. Not being able to complain with both her younger brother and best friend, Reiri agrees to listen to what Gravel has to say, but reminds them they will be regarded as hostile if they do anything suspicious. Relived to hear this, Gravel thanks Reiri for accepting the chance to talk, referring her as Onee-san, annoying Reiri as she heads towards the research building.

After having everything explained by Gravel and hearing Kizuna support, Reiri agrees for Ataraxia and Izgard to join in an alliance. After finishing dialogue with Gravel and Adlea, Reiri, Kizuna and Kei began going over everything they learned. Now knowing the breakdown of Genesis is the root of both their worlds problem, they decided fixing Genesis will solve all their problems. Kei brings up how Kizuna did Connective Hybrid with Gravel and Adlea to supply the magic power for the Izgard fleet, suggesting it could be used to supply magic energy for Genesis. While Kizuna excitedly think that might work, Kei and Reiri point out they don't know if it might make things worse or how much Heart Hybrid Kizuna will have to do to accomplish the task, silencing Kizuna. Kei then brings up how Nayuta is the one carrying out the countermeasure of Genesis, which means they can't be sure if she hasn't figured the connection between Genesis and Heart Hybrid. Making a complex face, Reiri asks what would happen to their world (Earth) if Genesis completely breakdowns and they manage to seal all the Entrances between their worlds. Kei isn't fully sure, but from looking at two graphs displaying the times of cataclysms happening on Atlantis and the other world collision happening, she believes that both their worlds will be terminated in the worst case. Signing, Reiri tells Kizuna to go rest as they need to start working on plans with Izgard. Before leaving, Kizuna also brings up how they might need to fight Aine, where her Code Breaker will make all magic based means useless, leaving all them unsure on how they will fight her in that case.

The next day, Vatlantis forces led by the two remaining Quartum attack Ataraxia, followed by Aine. While Kizuna managed to defeat all them, Ataraxia suffered too much damage. Reiri and everyone else waited on Izgard flagship for Kizuna and Aine to return. Once they were in front of the bridge, Reiri questioned why they were late, leaving them taken back. Reiri then questioned Kei on Kizuna and Aine Hybrid Count, but is surprised it was so low despite the light that appeared when the two kissed. While thinking about whether it was some form of Heart Hybrid, Reiri orders the two to do Climax Hybrid and take a shower while they were at it. Kizuna agrees but asks Reiri about what they will do about Aine, given what just happened. Reiri simply brushes it off as they have more urgent matters to deal with and need all the help they can get at the moment, so she will leave any excuses for after. The two understand and leave in a hurry after Reiri yells at them again.

After Kizuna and Aine finished doing Climax Hybrid, they returned to the bridge where everyone waited. Kei explains that it will take time to load everything as Ataraxia had taken too much damage to be uses. Hearing this, Gravel request Reiri if she could name Izgard flagship Ataraxia, as she hadn't picked a name for it yet. While she was a little surprised by this, Reiri smiled and agreed to call it Battleship Ataraxia, much to members of Earth joy. Gravel then request if Reiri can take the role of commander since she can do more on the front line. Agreeing to take command, Reiri starts the war council by explain their objective is too repair Genesis to prevent the breakdown of both of their worlds. Their first step is to head toward the Entrance in London, knowing full well they will be met will almost all of Vatlantiss' forces. Worried about the high chances of injuries and death that will happen, Kizuna asks if Aine could explain to them that they have no intention to fight and simply want to save both of their worlds. Unfortunately, Aine points out that her little sister Grace is currently holds the highest power on Vatlantis side and further doubts anyone will believe her. To make matters worse, Grace will likely go in a frenzy if she knew Aine was on Lemuria side. Gravel then suggest that they need to get Grace to give out the ceasefire herself to end the battle. Aine voluntary's to persuade her little sister, understanding that she is the only one who might be able get Grace to listen, even through she knows it dangerous. Agreeing with Aine plan, Reiri informs everyone that Aine will uses Code Breaker to reduce the enemy battle strength as much as she can and then have Kizuna, Gravel and Adlea guard her until they reach Grace's location. However, she warns Kizuna to absolutely not show his face during the negotiation. Gertrude then ask Reiri what they will do about the members of Amaterasu and Master. Kei doubt they will be able to rescue them while Aine think they won't be harm because of they have become idols. With everything in order, Reiri tells everyone that this will be the last decisive battle that will decide the fate of both world and they need to uses all their strength if they want to save both world.

(to be finished)

Hokuto Arc

When the Deus Ex Machina destroyed Lemuria and Atlantis, Hida Nayuta managed to take a little bit of the data from both worlds from them and used it to create a Ataraxia with people from both worlds. Present time, Reiri rushes to the school infirmary when she senses Kizuna is "trouble".

When an AU collision was suddenly detected, Reiri appeared on several dozen digital signage displays and floating windows, quickly order all the Heart Hybrid Gear teams to deploy. Unfortunately for everyone, the being that emerged from the Entrance was the machine god Hokuto, who had been searching for the missing data they failed to collect. Despite all the Heart Hybrid Gear teams attacking her with everything they had, Hokuto easily overpowered every single one. However, before Hokuto could kill Kizuna, Hida Nayuta appears and managed to force Hokuto back through the Entrance she came from.

With almost everyone else sent to the hospital following Hokuto attack, the core members of Ataraxia were gathered at Nayuta Lab to hear an explanation from Hida Nayuta. Kizuna, Reiri, Kei and Hayuru for Lemuria side, Zelshione for Vatlantis side, and Queen Landred for Kingdom of Baldein. While no one in the room was sure where to start with questioning Nayuta, Kei brought up how strange it is that people from their world and Vatlantis to be living peacefully on Ataraxia. Nayuta decides to move the conversation forward by first telling them while their (Aine and Yurishia) are not present, she knows where they are. Reiri doesn't hide her desire to kill her mother, but asks how she revived herself, thus Nayuta isn't bothered by Reiri killer intent as she explain they have their priorities to think of first. At Kei request, Nayuta starts explaining how the Deus Ex Machina are the gods who created Lemuria and Atlantis, then how they were terminated by them. Reiri doesn't understand anything her mother just said and grows even angrier when Nayuta mocks Reiri as a child with a slow brain, but is stop by Kizuna.

Nayuta starts explaining how the AU collision happen because Atlantis was losing magic power and drew it from Lemuria until it was sufficiently replenished, using a stick and cubes to describe it. The stick itself represents Genesis, the tool the gods used when creating worlds and when it broke, they uses the method Nayuta left behind for them; Project Babel. However, the Deus Ex Machina end up coming to their world because they used a human method to repair Genesis, something they couldn't tolerate. This confuse Kei on why she had them preform Project Babel if she knew they would come if they did, but Nayuta answered it was for the sake of calling them. This shocked everyone at why she would want that. Nayuta explained that she originally planned to hide herself but end up losing to Kizuna and the others, which meant that her transformation was imperfect. That why she need the Deus Ex Machina to come down so she can obtained the authentic data from them. While Zelshione became enraged that their worlds were destroyed for such a reason, Nayuta pointed out their worlds were about to collapse and her method gave them a little more time.

Reiri points out it still ended the same when the Deus Ex Machina arrived, but Nayuta denies this as she was able to touched the Deus ex Machina and accomplished her objective of gathering data, including the configuration information of Atlantis and Lemuria. Reiri realize that the information can be used to reproduced the worlds exactly like they were before. This surprises Nayuta as she ask if her daughter suddenly grew wise, who just wanted to kills her mother for that remark as Kizuna is force to restrain Reiri. Kizuna tells Nayuta to restore the world, but Nayuta reveals that she only managed to obtained Ataraxia data, which is why the world they currently live on is just Ataraxia. Nayuta then explains that she had two reasons for this. The first being to she needed time to recover from her battle against Kizuna and the others. The second reason being to bring both sides into a single group so they could fight along side each other.  As a bonus, it was to also serve as a vacation for all of them after all the fighting they had to go through. Unfortunately, the Deus Ex Machina had found Ataraxia and now its only a matter of time before they find them again.

Understanding the threat, Zelshione question Nayuta how they were to survive. Nayuta request her children to join hands with her, but neither of them trust their mother after everything she has done. Nayuta admits that while her objective is different from theirs, the means to accomplish them are the same, as they both need the configuration information from the Deus Ex Machina. Among the configuration information includes the data of Aine and Yurishia, making them the machine gods prisoners, much to Zelshione and Kizuna anger. In order to save them, Nayuta tells them they need to defeat the Deus Ex Machina, shocking everyone on how they were suppose to defeat gods. However, Nayuta points out they're simply an existences that have evolved further than them and are not prefect since they still have some emotions. While everyone harbored a lot of anxiety and dissatisfaction, they agreed to work with Hida Nayuta for now.

To fight the Deus Ex Machina, Nayuta plan was to reinstall some of the Ros-series Cores after carrying out optimized improvements on them. Thanks to her godly power, she could remove the Cores without killing their pilots and improve their overall performance. After that, Kizuna would do Climax Hybrid to reinstall the cores into their original pilot. During Hayuru turn, Nayuta forced Reiri to drive the bus where Kizuna reinstalled Neros into Hayuru, much to Reiri clear irritation based on her rough driving.

On the day of departure, the Earth-Atlantis Alliance prepare to set out on three battleships that were freshly made by Nayuta, with Ataraxia group boarding Battleship Ataraxia. Nayuta explained how each of the Deus Ex Machina have their own world and they will be traveling to them using the battleships, which Nayuta had improved with the function to generate Entrances. With everything explained, Reiri declared that they will be hunting gods and show them the strength of humanity. While traveling through the Entrance, an AU collision started happening, forcefully separating the three battleship from each other and by pure coincidence, Battleship Ataraxia ended up in Hokuto's world.

The impact from the crash knocked Reiri and several others unconscious. When Reiri was woken up by Hayuru, she rushed out to stop her mother from doing Climax Hybrid with Kizuna. Nayuta refused because it was necessary for her to reinstall Eros into Kizuna herself. But when she was about to start, Nayuta suddenly realize a vast amount of magic power will be needed for Eros's reinstall and called Reiri over to take part in the Climax Hybrid. During the Climax Hybrid, Nayuta explains that doing immortal act will create his own Corruption Armament. Eventually Nayuta shows an Ero's core and moments later the reinstall is a success.

Necroplis Arc

Odin Arc

After depowering Osiris and restoring her world, the Earth-Vatlantis Alliance start heading to Odin's worlds where the Izgard crew were currently at. While Reiri was in Battleship Ataraxia Captain's Room going over the reports, Nayuta happily brings Reiri some roasted green tea and Nanbu rice cracker. Thus she was clearly annoyed by her mother appearance, Reiri drank the tea and ate the rice crachers, surprising Nayuta and Reiri herself since it was the first time she ever ate something she (Nayuta) brought for her. Reiri excuse its not the food fault and goes back to working, telling Nayuta to leave the room. Nayuta stops at the door and coldly tells Reiri that Ataraxia has been taken by Thanatos. Shocked by this new piece of information, Reiri asks Nayuta if it true, who confirms it is since the latter can sense Ataraxia location. However, Nayuta reveals it not all bad news, as Reiri realize they now know where Thanatos is.

Changing their course to Thanatos world while the Vatlantis group continues towards Odin's world, Reiri gathers everyone on the bridge of Battleship Ataraxia to explain what their plan once they arrive at their destination. It is decided that their not going to fight Thanatos and are only focusing on rescuing everyone from Megafloat Ataraxia, as they can reclaim Ataraxia itself when they're ready to fight Thanatos. Reiri orders Kizuna to do Climax Hybrid with the most optimum partner for the rescue operation: Valdy, who has become loyal to Reiri. While Valdy is willing to follow Reiri order, she asks if it okay since Kizuna is the headmaster's younger brother, which Reiri angrily said its fine. However, Valdy request Reiri if Kizuna can be to look like a girl because she's not uses to males, which Reiri happily and instantly approves, shocking everyone else. After Kizuna is forcefully made to look like a female version of himself by Yurishia and several other girls, he shyly shows himself. Seeing Kizuna like this again, Reiri and everyone start taking photos of crossdress Kizuna, much to his embarrassment. While Kizuna is clearly embarrassed and annoyed by everyone treatment, Reiri try's to reason with him that its for the sake of his mission, which he doesn't believe because she's holding a camera. With everything ready, Reiri sends Kizuna to Valdy to do Climax Hybrid.

Eventually, Battleship Ataraxia arrived in Thanatos's world, with Reiri worried that the machine god has already notice their arrival. Reiri explain to Kizuna, Valdy, Hayuru and Yurishia once again that their only purpose is to rescue everyone on Megafloat Ataraxia and they should avoid a battle as much as possible. Kizuna, Valdy and Hayuru are infiltrate using the stealth ability while Yurishia is to remain on the battleship to protect it in case something happens. Reiri tells Kizuna and Hayuru that Valdy is to take command of the infiltration until they reach Megafloat Ataraxia. She tells them to retreat if a rescue is impossible but continue the mission if it is possible. Once they reach it, she tells them to go to the hanger at Nayuta Lab and load the students onto the transport vehicles and helicopters in there and if needed to, carry the students in containers using the magic armor. After that, she tells Kizuna to do Connective Hybrid in the time the preparations are being made for the sake of better protecting the students. Because their are no Love Rooms on-site and using the bedrooms will take too much time, Kei shows Kizuna a new portable Love Room that takes the form of a bag he can carry and will inflate when he set's it up. The Portable Love Room is soundproof but is limited in it's functions, as well as being disposable after it used. Confirming it will work, Kizuna ask Reiri who he should do Connective Hybrid with, but she leaves it to him to decide. However, both Kizuna and Reiri are still worried what they will do if Thanatos herself shows up. Nayuta tells them not to worry about that, as she think Thanatos won't show up. While not sure what she means, Kizuna, Valdy and Hayuru leave to rescue the students.

While the students are being evacuated, Reiri suddenly contact Kizuna. She asks if if Nayuta was over on his side, referring to her as that idiot parent. Confused, Kizuna say's he hasn't seen her as Reiri note see can't find her anywhere on her side. Remember what Nayuta said at the briefing, Kizuna realized their mother is the reason why Thanatos hasn't appeared and rushes to Thanatos temple.

Reiri questioning Nayuta

Having rescued the students from Megafloat Ataraxia, Battleship Ataraxia starts travelling to Odin's world. While lying on the sofa Inside Reiri room, Nayuta informs Reiri that Odin might rival Thanatos in battle ability. This worries Reiri since Nayuta and Kizuna using Corruption Armament couldn't do anything against Thanatos. Before long, Nayuta takes out a Heart Hybrid Gear's core that she made herself, calling it their trump card to defeat Odin. This visibly surprise Reiri as Nayuta explains that its her greatest masterpiece and the strongest core in history. However, Nayuta then explains it has one limitation: its exclusive to Reiri, as it was made with Reiri’s biological information as the premise and was adjusted to match Reiri's traits. This stuns Reiri as Nayuta made it with the rest of her remaining power, calling it a present for Reiri. This touches Reiri as its the first time she ever received anything from her mother. While Nayuta tells her accepting it is a like a death sentence, she understand her daughter still wants it because she's feels guilty about making others fight. Seeing the way her once heartless mother has become, Reiri ask if a human heart and emotions have been born in Nayuta since becoming a god, who only smiles.

In order to install the new core into herself, she and Kizuna will be using the new Love Room call Chronos, which was developed using Nayuta power. Reiri arrived after Kizuna, carrying the core in a attaché case. Once inside, Reiri activated the function of Chronos, regressing their appearance to when they started living together, when Reiri was in high school. Furthermore, the surrounding change to their home on megafloat Tokyo. This setting was decided because it will provoke her excitement, and immoral feelings the most. Reiri asks Kizuna if he's alright with the setting, who has become excited as well. Happy by the sight, Reiri brings Kizuna to the bathroom, feeling nostalgic about entering the bath together after a long time. The install is success, destroying the Love Room by the immeasurable amount of magic power the two created.

Reiri preparing to enter the bath with Kizuna.

The next day, Reiri went to Nayuta Lab to run an experimental test on her Heart Hybrid Gear, Zecros. While Reiri was excited by the thought of how the strongest Heart Hybrid Gear would appear, she became speechless when she witness how revealing and cute it was. Furthermore, the pilot suit barely covered her body and couldn't be altered. Nayuta explained that she designed Zecros appearance to be so revealing was to show off Reiri's beautiful and erotic body, while the its cuter parts were based off of the TV show Reiri uses to watch as a child. This caused Reiri a great deal of conflict because she well she understood the appear shouldn't matter she was still deeply embarrassed by all of it. Nayuta wondered if she didn't like, which bothered Reiri as she declares she only needs the strength to fight the machine god. Happy by Reiri responds, Nayuta decides it time to start adjusting it and went to call Kei. Realizing other people were going to see her current appearance, Reiri becomes even more embarrassed as she sighed.

Once Battleship Ataraxia reaches Odin's world, Reiri quickly fly's off to face the third machine god. Reiri ends up arriving in just the nick of time to stop Odin from killing the Vatlantis group by kicking the machine god, sending her flying through her palace tower. Standing above the mountain of rubble where Odin emerged, Reiri tells Odin she will teach her something as the Vatlantis group are dumbfounded. She declares that the worth of human isn't about whether their abilities are high or low, it a problem about how they live.

Reiri finishing off Fafnir and preparing to fight Odin.

Looking down at Odin, Reiri introduce herself to the machine god before finishing off Fafnir in moments, leaving those from Atlantis in complete disbelief at Reiri new found power. Excited by Reiri power that could overwhelm her guard with eases, Odin ready Gungnir as she and Reiri attack each other. Reiri quickly gains the upper hand thanks to Zecros superior strength and speed, even withstanding a direct hit from Gungnir. Reiri further increases her advantage by summoning her shield to block Gungnir and uses her sword to cut Odins' arms off, utterly shocking everyone who witness the sight. However, before Reiri can finish off Odin, the machine god unleashed her trump card, Baldur, which fired beams of light from her crystal wings at all her enemies near her. Having barely been able to defend herself and with her shield reaching its limit, Reiri worries about the others from Atlantis as Odin uses Baldur once again. Fortunately, Kizuna arrives to protect the warriors from Atlantis, allowing Reiri to focus her attention on Odin while Kizuna focus on protect the others from Baldur. Not letting the damage she was taking stop her nor wanting to let everyone behind her down, Reiri charges in toward Odin, activating Zecros's wings to increase her flight speed even further. Finally reaching Odin, Reiri cuts her crystal wings off before cutting at the waist, defeating Odin.

Reiri returned to regroup with Kizuna and the others, praising her younger brother for protecting everyone, who praising her for defeating Odin alone. The topic suddenly shifts to Zecros appearance, with everyone commenting on it girlish and revealing appearance, embarrassing Reiri. Wanting to change the topic, Reiri tells Kizuna their going to collect the configuration information from Odin. To their horror, they find Odin has a powerful regeneration ability that has already started restoring her missing body parts, declaring she can't be killed even if she's reduce to her head. Before Odin can attack them, Nayuta crashes Battleship Ataraxia’s Excavator into Odin to buy them time to regroup and rethink their strategy.

Regrouping with everyone, Reiri joins Kei and an exhausted Nayuta while Kizuna explained to Master what happen. Once Kizuna join them in the tent, Landred began explaining the information she discovered about Odin regeneration abilities and how there connected to four secret stones embedded in her breast, abdomen and left eye. However, they need to destroy all four stones almost simultaneously because they regenerate each other. Furthermore, they have cut Odins' crystal wings first to her from using Baldur and will only have a few second window before they regenerate. They try to think on how they of how their going to do it but can't see themselves getting close enough to Odin without her noticing. Landred tells them if they were weak, Odin wouldn't be able to notice them but then they wouldn't be strong enough to withstand Baldur. Hearing this, Kizuna comes up with a plan but before he can tell Reiri they realize Odin has finished regenerating.

Reiri heads to fight Odin again while Kizuna goes to get something first. When he catches up to her, she's surprise to Gertrude on his back and quickly realize what he's planning. Giving her younger brother a small pep talk, they resolve themselves as they Odin begins using Baldur against them. Kizuna pushed his Life Saver to the limit to block Baldur as much as possible until he and Reiri got in range. Once she got close enough, Reiri quickly tried to cut Odins' crystal wings before Baldur could stop her, taking many hits in the process. Just before she falls, Reiri barely managed to finished cutting her wings, enraging Odin. Kizuna rushes to destroy the secret stones before Odins' wings can regenerate but is stab by Gungnir before he can. However, Gertrude jumps off of Kizuna back and quickly shoots Odins' secret stone with her quick draw, as she was too weak for Odin to be notice. With her regeneration ability stopped, Kizuna used Reincarnation through Gungnir to finally beat Odin, who is caught by Reiri and Gertrude as she falls. They took her to an ancient temple where Landred, Aine, Grace, Zelshione and the Quartum sexually pleasure to turn her back into a human well the same time getting revenge against her for all she had done to them.

After Odin fully returned to being human, Reiri, Kizuna, Kei, Landred and Gertrude began questioning the former goddess on how she changed so much after becoming a machine god. Odin sadly admits that while it wasn't her original intention, somewhere down the line she slowly started changing as she hasten her evolution until she eventually became extreme in both her methods and thoughts. Regretful for everything she has done and thankful for stopping her, Odin gives Reiri the crystal contained the other half of Atlantis data. After receiving the crystal, Reiri asks Odin about if it's possible for them to defeat Thanatos. Odin say's that while it might be possible for all of them to defeat Thanatos, she warns them doing so will result in the destruction of all worlds as Thanatos maintains to all worlds and her death means the end for all of them, leaving Reiri and the others unsure of what they can do.

Thanatos Arc

Returning back to battleship Oldium, Reiri sits down with her mother and younger brother as they think about what they learned about Thanatos. Nayuta is move around easier thanks to receiving some power from Odin when they "talked", which neither Reiri or Kizuna notice. Nayuta brings up the possibility of staying in Odins' world instead of fighting Thanatos, but Reiri dismisses it. Nayuta then brings up another method that will preserve the laws of all worlds while making Thantaos powerless, but she will need the cooperation of both her children to make it work.

Later, Reiri gather a meeting between the leaders from both of their worlds that were present; which consisted of her, Kizuna and Kei for Lemuria, Grace, Aine and Zelshione for Vatlantis, Gravel for Izgard and Landred for Baldein. Reiri started the meeting, explaining that they have a plan to fight Thanatos, but will first need to turn Graces' exclusive villa in Oldium in a large type Love Room. She then question if they will continue to help them since all the data for Atlantis has been recovered. and is pleased that they will. After the meeting, Reiri began preparing the villa for the method they were going to uses the next day.

With everything ready, Reiri and all the HHG pilots as well as Landred and Nayuta strip themselves as they waited in the villa for Kizuna to come. With Kizuna and Kei present, Reiri explains to Kizuna that until they arrive in Thanatos world, he will be doing Heart Hybrid with everyone currently in the villa for the next two days and two nights, utterly shocking and confusing Kizuna. She tells Kizuna that their being serious here and that this is the last trump card of mankind which will allow them to accumulate power ups and magic power through repeated Connective Hybrid in order to fight Thanatos, the Harem Hybrid. While Connective Hybrid normally can't be done without mutual trust, the time everyone spent on Nayuta fake Ataraxia has improved the bond between everyone present. With everything explained, Reiri had everyone beside Kizuna, Kei, Landred and Nayuta leave the room as they explain to him how the Love Room works. To keep the mood up, Reiri ask Kei to undress herself like everyone else, even through she won't be acting as one of Kizuna partners.

Ready to began the Harem Hybrid, Reiri guided Kizuna to his room. On the way to his room, Kizuna followed behind Reiri. Her hair was swaying to left and right each time she took a step. Every time that happened, it gave Kizuna a peek of Reiri's tight ass as though it was teasing him. Kizuna’s excitement almost reached the peak just from that. As they reached the room, Reiri expressed her desires for Kizuna more strongly. They were in a room alone, changing clothes and talking. And then, both Reiri’s hands held Kizuna’s face between them, she then made a comment on how it feels like with each Hybrid She's rapidly getting stuck deeper. Reiri could no longer hold back her desire for Kizuna in this moment, she then gave him a passionate kiss. Kizuna was surprised but also showed no resistance and got excited from his big sisters kiss. Reiri admitted she wanted to refresh him there by herself right away. She was barely enduring from doing so, but then she thought about what she said in front of the other girls. There was no way she could monopolize Kizuna for herself during the Harem Hybrid. Kizuna got so excited from this, he even mentioned how it is impossible to be calm like this.

After going out to the garden from the living room, there were a green lawn and beautifully pruned plants continuing on. The sky was really clear with white clouds floating in the blue sky. The strong sunlight shining in from between the clouds colored the garden’s greenery even more beautifully. Beautiful yellow and pink flowers were blooming profusely at the shrubbery. Reiri gently caressed a flower petal with her fingertip. Kizuna wondered whether they had ever strolled in a garden with just the two of them. He tried to recall the past as though flipping the pages of his memories, but he couldn’t find any memory that fit. In any case, there was no doubt that this was his first experience walking together with his big sister naked. Under the brilliant sunlight, the beautiful body was strolling inside a beautiful garden. It was unusual, very improper, and immoral. That was why he couldn’t help but getting excited. Reiri was wondering what the matter was about Kizuna watching her, he then said Reiri looks just beautiful in this atmosphere. Reiri was taken by surprise and she felt her cheeks heating up. She blushed and told Kizuna shyly to don't say anything like that, Kizuna went on and said it's the truth and he did not say anything wrong. The truth was, hearing a compliment like this from Kizuna made her excited. Reiri told Kizuna how she wants to push him down right now and do it with him at this moment, she was barely enduring herself from doing so. Kizuna blushed red and apologized to her. Both then walked away with hand holding. Walking to the beach with the hope to find their first partner for Hybrid.

They soon came across Zelshione, who was sunbathing on the beach. Deciding the first pair, Kizuna asked Reiri to lie down next to Zelshione, which she didn't question nor received any complains from Zelshione, as they both understand what they need to do. The three would do Connective Hybrid for a least 3 rounds, afterwards Kizuna would move to find new partners while the adult women rest on the beach.

During the second day of the Harem Hybrid, Reiri prepared to do Connective Hybrid along side Valdy. Because Valdy was still uncomfortable with males, Reiri used the function from the Chronos Love Room to transform Kizuna into a female version of himself, which made him look a lot like Reiri when she was his age. Reiri quickly took the initiative taking the lead with him instead of how he's usually the one doing whatever he wants with her. Kizuna try's to give Reiri a teary eye look to make her stop, but this just causes her and Valdy to push Kizuna on the bed as they enjoyed female Kizuna completely.

For the final night of Harem Hybrid, Kizuna starts doing Connective Hybrid in different groups. At some point, Reiri sat down with her mother and talked before Kizuna came over to take a small break. Reiri asked her younger brother if their were any problems with his body, who just admit that his condition is so good thanks to the drink, Love Room and the special space they're in that it feels scary. Seeing Kizuna drink the Red Harem, Reiri asked if she can have a sip of it. Kizuna responded by taking a sip and kissing Reiri to share it with her, shocking their mother at how natural they did such a thing. Seeing this, Nayuta commented that Reiri might get be the first to have Kizuna's child, embarrassing them as they realize what they were just doing.

As the topic suddenly changes to the possibility of Nayuta first grandchild being born between her daughter and son, Reiri expresses her surprise that someone like Nayuta actually had children in the first place. Reiri listen as Nayuta confessed that she had children was because she wanted to try it and see if anything would change about her, but found that nothing did. Nayuta further confessed that all she wanted was to know everything in the world and was fined at the time using whatever methods she need, no matter how inhuman. She then shocked her children when she sincerely apologized to them for everything she had put them through. Completely taken back at something they never imagine would happen, Reiri and Kizuna change the topic at how much Nayuta has change as the Hida family sit down peacefully for the first time.

When the topic suddenly changes to Thanatos and what happens after if they manage to defeat her, Nayuta said she won't be able to protect them or the others as she will be very busy. Hearing this, Reiri question how they will prevent the worlds from collapsing if they actually do defeat Thanatos, as it won't matter what they do if they don't have a plan for that. Nayuta reveals to her children that she thought of something and already went over it with Odin. Before she can explain it, Aine comes over to pick up Kizuna.

The next day, the Earth-Vatlantis Alliance arrived at Thanatoss' world on board the battleship Oldium. Almost at the same time, hundreds of Thanatoss' mechanical angels began approaching them as Thanatos has already sense their arrived. Reiri ordered everyone to get ready to intercept them as Nayuta revealed that Thanatos was on Ataraxia, which was still in Thanatos world from before. Aware of Thanatos location, Reiri goes to join the Assault squad while leaving Zelshione in change of the battleship. Confirming everyone was ready, the Assault squad, which consisted of her, all of Amaterasu, Grace, Gravel and Hyakurath, deployed their HHGs and prepared to attack. Thanks to Harem Hybrid, all the members were able to easily destroyed the mechanical angels and arrive at Ataraxia without any difficulties. Waiting for Thanatos to show herself, Reiri try's to stay on guard but gets separated from everyone when Thanatos created different spaces to split them and trap them.

Reiri is confused where she is until Thanatos opens an Entrance to bring her the scene where she finds Aine holding Kizuna. Reiri rushes towards Thanatos and attacks her but the latter vanishes instead. Regardless, Reiri checks on Kizuna but she is mortified to realize his lifeless condition. Soon after, more Entrances appear and this time its the members of the Earth-Vatlantis Alliance (Himekawa, Yurishia, Sylvia, Gravel, Hyakurath, and Grace) and they too are horrified to see this condition. Thanatos later reappears and whilst facing Reiri's hostility as her sword pointing at the Last Goddess, she asks everyone about Kizuna as she fails to comprehend his sacrifice for Aine despite his higher combat prowess. Aine is shaken by Thanatos's words to the point her body convulsing from terror and guilt and blames herself for Kizuna's death, though Grace still refuses to give up and tries to snap her sister out from despair.

Intrigued by Airi's grief, Thanatos then asks her about her sadness but Yurishia begins to aim at Thanatos while telling Grace and Hyakurath to take care of Kizuna and Aine, all to avenge Kizuna. As Hayuru and Silvia are ready to join the fray, Reiri roars her battle cry that signifying their battle against the Last Goddess. Reiri firstly engages with Thanatos in a sword fight whereas she cusses to the Goddess and vows to exterminate her to the point not even single cell remains behind. Further intrigued by the sudden change of phenomenon from death, Thanatos mutters about killing everyone so she can get more data about them. Gravel and Silvia are next to attack Thanatos but none of their attack works, as Thanatos explains that this world's physic laws follows her will and their weapons are merely light particles converted from magic power while drawing her own sword.

Yurisia and Hayuru then activate their respective Corruption Armament and charge towards Thantos and attack her, only to be horrified to see their Corruption Armaments are broken instead. After explaining the changes of physics, Thanatos sends them flying by shattering both Cross and Neros with her sword. Gravel and Silvia then seize this moments to attack Thanatos, but the Goddess disappears and beaten them by destroying their weaponry that causes explosions.

Reiri then tries to attack Thanatos from behind but her sword is pulverized before it even landed on Thanatos due to the changing physic. This allows Thanatos to slash Reiri that partially breaks her Zeros. In spite of Zeros' broken armor, Reiri refuses to give in but Thanatos claims their resistance as futile as she explains that only machine god can match her prowess and planning to kill Reiri next in order to witness the influence of the human's death to everyone. This prompts Reiri to experience despair as she thinks about her helplessness to see her brother's death while calling out Nayuta out of desperation.

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The adult group of Reiri, Landred and Zelshione are relaxing in a VIP room. They are drinking alcohol, talking and having fun. In a discussion, Reiri told Landred that she will keep the room in the teacher's dormitory empty with her name on it, because they always have shortage for the nursing stuff. Landred is saying it will be difficult to come for an interview, because the worlds are no longer connected. However, she then said how no one understands what the future holds. Perhaps someday the day will come when it becomes possible to come and go across both worlds again. If it was Landred who possessed magic power and also the knowledge and skill to infer Odin’s history, then perhaps someday she would discover the way to travel to another world. Such thinking suddenly crossed Reiri’s mind. There was no basis to it. But, Landred’s mysterious atmosphere, it had something that made her felt ‘perhaps'. Zelshione was disappointed in hearing this. She got red after she got asked if she got any lingering attachment to Lemuria, because she felt she still had a debt to Kizuna. After Reiri saw her reaction, Reiri said that she doesn't need an older little sister. Zelshione got a bit mad and told Reiri to do something about her brother complex. Reiri did not deny that. Zelshione then continues and asked Reiri if she thinks that Kizuna is in her possession. Reiri then just glared back with a composed smile, answering her question with a 'Obviously'. A little brother is the possession of the older sister since they were born. Remember that. Reiri made it completely clear that Kizuna belongs to her, she is no longer denying her love for Kizuna. Zelshione then stood up in a bad mood and left the room, saying that she remembered that she has still a bit of work to do. After she leaves, Landred quickly pushes Reiri down.

During Ataraxia departure from Atlantis, Reiri and the others said their goodbyes to Grace, Aine, Zelshione and the Quartum. Reiri told Grace she will take care of the clean up on their side as thanks for Vatlantis cooperation against the machine god.

Following all the Entrances around the world closer, the countries of Lemuria (Earth) began rebuilding. However, many countries also used the opportunity to expand their own power by invading surrounding countries. Ataraxia become especially a major target for everyone, leading to Ataraxia to become an independent country with Reiri as it leader. She would attended international summits, during which many assassins would be sent after her but would be killed by Valdy, who stayed on Ataraxia. During the same time, Reiri also started doing Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna whenever he had free time, something that became a rumor across Ataraxia.

Following Kizuna and Yurishia mission in dealing with ICBM missiles that lunched at Ataraxia, Reiri ordered Valdy to bring Kizuna to her to do Ecstasy Hybrid since he had free time. Once he arrives, Reiri orders Kizuna to do Ecstasy Hybrid with her, but mid way thus, a conference with other world leaders starts. Not wanting to stop, Reiri secretly proceeds with Ecstasy Hybrid. She told the other country leaders about the ICBMs that were fired at Ataraxia early that day, warning whoever was responsible that they (Ataraxia) will remove their country's nuclear weapons within four months. This angered one of the voice's on the other side, but Reiri calmly denounced what they had to say. Even when the other leader threaten to send their own Heart Hybrid Gear pilots, Reiri only mocked them that they (Ataraxia) will take cores of those pilots for themselves if they send them, angering them as one of them calls her a demon.

Reiri was about to bring up the unmanned drones that have been spying on them before suddenly pausing as she was trying to hold her voice from Ecstasy Hybrid, confusing the other leaders. Reiri quickly ended the conference and cut the line so she could let out her voice from the pleasure. Kizuna tries to advice's his older sister against doing Ecstasy Hybrid during a conference, she laughs that it was really exciting for her, which he doesn't argue against as it did excited him watching her. With the work done, Reiri tells Kizuna to continue where they left off. Reiri continues doing Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna until night time.

Setsuna Arc

Side Stories

Volume 11

Reiri and Nayuta watch as Mercuria try's to convince Hyakurath she doesn't need to do Heart Hybrid with Kizuna, despite Hyathurath's magic power already becoming low from neglecting to do Heart Hybrid up to then. They understand that neither of them have done Heart Hybrid with KIzuna and well Mercuria still has reserve energy, Hyathurath energy is dangerously low. Seeing how Kizuna is unsure on how to convince them, Reiri wonders if she'll needs to tell them to do it herself. However, Nayuta thinks they should wait and see since there will be an AU collision that night. Reiri can only hope that Hyathurath doesn't run out of energy mid battle.

After the AU collision was dealt with, Reiri visit the infirmary after receiving contact that Mercuria was injured. Confirming from the school nurse, Landred, that Mercuria will recover, Reiri tells everyone else they can go home after congratulating them on a job well done. Before she can leave, the student council president, Zelshione calls out to the headmaster, questioning her on the unexpected Entrances and enemies that were different from the prediction. While Reiri answers she doesn't know either and is having the data analysis at the lab, Zelshione isn't satisfy by this because she is also entrusted with the lives of everyone as the student council president. The two start glaring at each other until Landred stop them, telling them fighting is no good. Reiri tells Zelshione that if she wants any answers, she can go to the lab herself or wait until she receive the report, which she agrees to do so. After Zelshione leaves, Reiri thinks that while Zelshione does have a good sense of responsibility, she has a tendency for favoritism and abusing her authority. Landred suggest Reiri can come walk home with her and perhaps have a light glass of sake in her room, but she pass's.

A few days later, Reiri summoned the members of Amaterasu to the commander headquarters after Aine, Yurishia and Hayuru once again destroyed dormitory. After giving them a good scolding, she order all the female members of Amaterasu to go a relaxation trip to deepen their friendship to help them resolve their problems. At the same time, Reiri decided to go on a family vacation with Kizuna to a high class hot spring resort. Coincidentally, it end up being the same inn Yurishia reserved for their group instead of the one Reiri prepared for them. At night, Reiri reserved the open air bath for her and Kizuna, but when she enters she finds the rest of Amaterasu washing her younger brother. While being surprise to see them, the girls (excluding Sylvia) begin questioning the commander of what she's doing, having push them aside while going to a hot spring inn with Kizuna, even reserving the bath. Quickly pulling herself together, Reiri explain that she took a vacation for relaxation and brought Kizuna with her because it would be meaningless if had Kizuna on standby by himself. The girls (excluding Sylvia) argue they can't accept that explanation and they all start quarreling with Reiri.

Reiri pouring her mother a drink.

A few days later, Reiri is watching her mother happily drink in her room's kitchen with a clearly annoyed expression as Nayuta is already drunk after her second cup. Seeing Nayuta drunken state, Reiri grew increasingly more annoyed as her alcohol was being drunk by the small goddess, barely restraining her violent impulses as she serves Nayuta another drink. Drinking it, Nayuta starts getting so drunk that Reiri can barely understand what she saying anymore, telling her mother to go sleep. Nayuta denies being drunk and ends up drinking some whisky before Reiri snatches it away from her. At the end of her patience, Reiri call's Kei but is surprise when she tells Reiri to come Nayuat Lab quickly as abnormal situation are occurring in Ataraxia’s space. In the middle of the call, Nayuta started vanishing as Reiri realize how bad the situation is.

Arriving at Nayuta Lab, Reiri is shocked by all the strange out place buildings that suddenly appeared all over Ataraxia. Kei doesn't understand what's happening as well but believes it must have something to do with Nayuta, which Reiri understands that she was part of the cause. Reiri asks Kei if she contact Amaterasu, but she answers that only one of them came. To Reiri shock, she finds a Kizuna who has been regressed to when he was a child rushing over to hug her, mistaking her for their mother. While overjoyed by the sight, Reiri is told by Kei that along with his body, Kizuna memories have also regressed, which is why he mistake Reiri for their mother. While explaining to child Kizuna that she's not Nayuta, Reiri understands they need to find her mother as fast as possible to fix everything. But before she can, their surrounding start vanishing as well. Reiri quickly tells child Kizuna to search for their mother before they get separated by the changing space.

Reiri later reappeared as a martial artist named Zecros, wearing a mask and a silver armor with a high exposure rate and cute design. She joins forces with Master, who had become a adventurer guild when child Kizuna and the magician Yurishia arrived in the city Caldato to defeat the demon king. While heading towards the demon king castle Infermia, they fought through a large number of monster along the way. When they finally reached the castle, they find a naked beautiful girl with silver hair on the altar in front of the door. Seeing the sleeping girl as the key to open the door, Zecros tells child Kizuna stand near the girl. Scarlet suggest it one of those situations where the prince's kiss will wake up the princess, causing Kizuna to panic. However, Zecros tells Kizuna to grope her breast instead, which causes Aine to wake up. As soon as she does, Zecros asks Aine if she can open the door to the demon king. Aine say's she can't but child Kizuna can if he say's "Mama! Where are you!?" loud enough for everyone to hear him. Thus he deeply embarrassed to say it, child Kizuna does and the door opens as a drunken Nayuta leaps out to see her son. Removing her mask, Reiri quickly orders Aldea and Valdy to restrain Nayuta so Kei and the medical squad can thoroughly rinse out Nayuta whole body to restore the world to its original appearance. After that, Nayuta was firmly sentence with drinking prohibition.

Reiri is relaxing inside her room, disappointed that she couldn't enjoy Kizuna in child form by herself. Her mood worsen when Nayuta came into her room, as the entire incidence was her fault. Her mother say's what she wants to talk about will also double as her apology as she beckon's Kei into the room, who's holding a thick file labeled Operation Chronos. Confused, Reiri tells Kei to explain what Operation Chronos is, who answers that it's to improve the functions of Love Room and surpass time. Not believing it and thinking it wouldn't be a satisfactory apology if it's coming from Nayuta, Reiri is about to reject. However, Nayuta then tell her that if it works, she will be able to play with child Kizuna anytime, which makes Reiri approve of Operation Chronos without a delay.

Powers & Abilities

Abilities and Skills

High Heart Hybrid Gear Aptitude: While not possessing one herself at first, Reiri is noted as having a extremely high aptitude for the Heart Hybrid Gear, as well as a vast capacity of Magic Power/Hybrid Count. These two factors were high enough that she was able to perform Climax Hybrid with Kizuna even before having a Heart Hybrid Gear inside her. The only reason why she didn't have a core herself is because after her mother tried to install Eros into her, it didn't work. This caused Reiri to believe she couldn't use Heart Hybrid Gear. However, it was later realized that Eros was a male-exclusive core. Her mother said that Reiri has the highest aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear on their side.

High Intelligence: While nowhere near her mother or Kei, Reiri has always been highly gifted. She always exceeds at everything she did since she was a child and was able to become the respected commander of Ataraxia while still in her early twenty's. After receiving Zecros, she was able to master it before reaching Odin's world and uses it abilities without any difficulties.

  • High Leadership Skills: As a result of having commanded Ataraxia for some time, Reiri has become a very good leader. She is able to lead multiple teams of differing natures with great efficiency, and is able to make quick, rational and thorough decisions that have seen Ataraxia through many a crisis, and ended the conflict between Lemuria (Earth) and Vatlantis (AU). After Ataraxia became an independent country, Reiri continues to display her impressive leadership abilities by easily dealing with all the hostile countries that have tried to take Ataraxia technology for themselves. Many country leaders have even started calling Reiri a demon because of how ruthless and confident she always handles them, an image she can maintain even well she was doing Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna. Thus she did have Kizuna stop moving well he was still inside her, it did eventually caused her to have trouble enduring the pleasure, so she decided to end the conference early.

Reiri overpowering the second strongest Deus Ex Machina, Odin by herself

Master Combatant: Thanks to her own training, Reiri is a highly-skilled fighter, respected by all the members of Amaterasu even before she received her core. After having Zecros installed into her by Kizuna through Climax Hybrid, Reiri was able to single-handle overpower and defeat Odin, the second strongest Deus Ex Machina. Although, it took most of Reiri's energy and the loss of her shield to accomplish this, leaving her unable to repeat the feat afterward by herself.

Immense Stamina: Similar to Kizuna, Reiri has shown to have a vast amount of stamina. During her battles against Odin and Thanatos, she was able to endure her pain and injury and was still able to fight. When doing Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna, she's capable of doing it for hours without much problems, despite climaxing multiple times whenever he climaxed once.

Former Equipment

Reiri using Zecros in her first battle

Heart Hybrid Gear: Zecros. She receives this from her mother who creates it using the last of her godly powers. It was custom made specifically for her. Nayuta described Zecros as the most powerful Heart Hybrid Gear in history. Although his design is very limited and covers only a minimum of Reiri places, it is very durable and creates a very strong Life Sever that covers Reiri's entire body and allows it to withstand even the attack from the second strongest Deus Ex Machine Odin without much damage. Even in her first deploy and battle, she proven absolutely mastery using her HHG abilities and weapons. Later she handed it over to Setsuna after she became pregnant and ejected the core

  • Immense Strength: Zecros grants Reiri overwhelming levels of raw power, enough that she can easily destroy Odins' Fafnir with just one attack, something that not even the strongest warriors from Vatlants (Aine, Grace, Zelshione, Gravel, Aldia and the Quartum) could do together. Furthermore, she could easily send Odin reeling back several 10 kilometers in a single punch.
  • Immense Durability: When Reiri wearing Zecros, her durability reaches the highest grade, where she can withstand devastating attacks from Odin and her Gungnir without much damage. This due to the fact that despite the slight covering area, Zecros creating invisible very strong Life Sever barrier, which covers entire Reiri´s body
  • Immense Speed: Reiri can move and react at such speeds that even the machine god Odin couldn't keep up with her. Odin's servant Fafnir couldn't even react in time to Reiri attack, something that never happens before.
  • Wings: The small wings on Reiris' back can increase her already impressive mobility to even higher levels.
  • Silver Sword: Reiri offense weapon, a sword that cuts apart everything. It can even cut the weapons and bodies of a machine god with ease. Although it's ineffective against Thanatos due to her law controlling powers.
  • Shield: Reiri's defense weapon, a shield that obstructed every danger. It interfere with cause and effect so that it will block every attack, even weapons with similar abilities. However, the shield can be broken if it receives too many strong attacks from the likes of a machine god, which only serves to highlight it's durability.


  • Her measurements prior to doing Ecstasy Hybrid are: B96-W59-H95
  • Her mother sees her as an unintelligent, rash person, but her leadership qualities contradicts this. She does tend to lose her temper whenever her mother insults her.
  • Reiri enjoys drinking, at times even drinking out of the bottle directly. She tends to let out her true feelings when she overdrinks herself
  • Reiri was the first girl to suck Kizuna’s thing (volume 5).although at that time Kizuna did not know it was Reiri.
  • Whenever Reiri forces Kizuna to crossdress, his appearance always ends up resembles like her to a great degree. When they use the Chronos Love Room to transform Kizuna into a female version of himself, even his body and face look just like his older sister when she was his age.
  • Reiri has a very intimidating side. When she gets mad, everyone in her proximity is terrified of her including Kizuna.
  • Reiri has the greatest amount of magic capacity (Hybrid Count).
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